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        1. Tungsten carbide plate

          Tungsten carbide plate

          We are specialized in various sizes of tungsten carbide plates. Some clients call this kind of tungsten carbide products as draw plate or tungsten plate, wear plate. Our company also can make customized plates like tungsten carbide parts brazed with steel which is often used as tools in mechanical industry.

          Carbide Application: tungsten carbide blanks can be applied in many different series of carbide tools  like milling inserts, roller rings, pellets, bushings, rods, nib, plates, strips, trundling scissors, rollers for cold rolling, seal rings, percussive drilling tip balls, woodworking cutters, disc cutters, tile and glass cutters, boron carbide powder, drawing dies, heading & punching dies, cold heading & stamping dies, etc. Our tungsten plates are with excellent abrasive resistance, good heat and corrosion resistance which runs a long service life.
          Features of carbide draw plates with round holes as below:
          ①.24 holes: 0.26 - 1.00
          ②.39 holes: 0.26 - 2.80
          ③.24 holes: 2.30 - 6.00 large shape



          Different tungsten alloy tiles can be design different shapes. Milling disk/milling plate in picture is made of cemented carbide. After wire cutting, our carbide plates can be customized according to your design.

          Tungsten carbide block

          Tungsten carbide block

          Tungsten carbide block is a carbide product with a kind of regular shape like square, rectangular and so on. Tungsten carbide material has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and high density of 16 g/cm3 to 18.5 g/cm3.Cemented carbide also has very good mechanical strength, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, large expansion coefficient and elastic coefficient.

          If you are interested in our carbide plates, feel free to contact with our team! Thank you.